Lucky Dip

I’d like to share a small change to our writing this year.

Nothing new or fancy – We have a writing ‘Lucky Dip’ box.  In it I have put a selection of different laminated photos; a cat, cake, beach scene, soccer game, rainy day scene etc.

If you are really stuck for an idea on what to write you can pick something out of the box as a prompt. I have modeled how the box works and how one picture could be inspiration for many different genres. I am so pleased to see the children really enjoying writing and using the pictures as a prompt (especially some of the more reluctant writers). There is a range of writing being produced daily in our classroom from poetry to information reports, narratives and procedures. I feel the children are more motivated with the choice of writing topics and genre and I am enjoying teaching writing much more. They are also supported in their writing with examples of different genres we have worked on displayed around the room.

I plan to continually add to and ‘tweak’ the lucky dip box throughout the year and the arrival of the ‘Writing Prompts Box Year 2’ last week is a similar tool I look forward to using in my teaching.

Next step for me is to look more closely at the writing process with my students and work towards getting some pieces of work published. I like the idea of a writing exhibition as suggested by Sue to showcase some of the students work. Having an audience and a reason to write is important.

Thoughts?What works well for you?


One thought on “Lucky Dip

  1. Dear Mrs Fitz,
    I like the fact that you are enjoying teaching writing more. My favourite part of the writing process is publishing and I have a great book with lots of publishing ideas in it over in my art room. I am happy to lend. I think Lea has a copy of the same book also. It’s quite modern.
    Great post!
    Mrs Davey

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